New business consulting and data analysis services

New business models require new solutions and services,
we offer analysis of business logic and operation models based on analysis of data .


Long developing transformation strategies, diversification strategies, creation of new business units or new positioning within the value chain, by adopting successful models and case studies in the sector.

Advanced data analytics

Our Data Scientists are creative and open-minded people who add value to the data by exploring and analyzing multiple sources of information and solutions from multiple perspectives. They are able to devise and respond to new challenges, always understanding the context of the company and its data.


We deliver useful information as a service that is obtained from the application of a process of deep data analysis. The result is displayed as indicators or graphics under the presentation layer or graphical interface that best suits the needs of your business and your employees.

Benefits, We provide capabilities to existing ones

Business knowledge in vertical sectors
Best practices of IoT Technology and Data Analysis
Development of new services and operational improvement
Improvement of business

Transformation and digitalization

“There is a change in the way that businesses are confronting their decisions that affects multiple sectors.  We assist the transformation of business models implementing new operating models, automating processes by incorporating a technological culture, and analyzing changes in the value chain alter the rules of the market”.


Business Consulting

Development of new models and sources of income thanks to emerging IoT and data analytics technologies.

Data preprocessing

Extraction of data, Filtering, Load, Transformation, Quality, Integration.

Data Processing

Statistical algorithms, functional logic, data mining techniques.

Data Visualization

Graphics, KPIs, interactive tools.