Logistics and Mobility

We develop new service and business models related to the optimization of processes linked to mobility, accompanying solutions and technology providers in the analysis of data related to vehicles, operators or mobility assets.

Supply chain analytical services

We apply sensors and telematics to study the supply chain model of your business, and analyze the data generated with the aim of providing information relevant to your business, for example, to identify and solve multiple problems, improve the logistic processes, shorten time of each process, and accelerate decision-making processes.

Route optimization

We use data analytical techniques applied to the optimization and dynamic routing of goods, assets, vehicles and operators, by integrating processes and resources, all in real-time.

Advanced algorithms

GPS raw data in mobile environments for the development of new services and optimization of existing ones; route optimization, traffic information, etc,…

Collaborative tools

Tools that allow optimization of resources, which incorporate advanced components.

Operating tools

Dashboards that display information of the supply chain in real-time, by means of new models of distributed information with the data as a service.

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