Industry 4.0

We assist advanced manufacturing companies in the implementation of new techniques of data analysis to be able to monitor machines that are part of their supply chain and identify patterns of behavior that will allow your company to identify critical situations in the production and provision processes by leveraging the data.

Improved distributed traceability

We apply analysis techniques of resources, assets and processes optimization where assets are easily located.

Predictive Maintenance

We implement innovative solutions that bring better management and maintenance of your company’s equipment or assets by preventing possible failures and alerting if greater attention is required. Thus, the overall effectiveness of the assets improves and the lower probability of failure allows significant maintenance savings.

Visualization Tools

We implement visualization tools in order to control and ease the decision-making processes related to remote control and factory automation.


Application of Internet of Things technology to allow intercommunication between the different elements of the factories. This allows the supply chain to be studied to detect bottlenecks and monitor machines to understand its operation and assess the option of automating processes.