Energy and Environment

Smart metering and smart grid new models specialized in analytical services

With our knowledge in this sector and experience from applying data analysis techniques to data that are obtained from new Smart Grid and Smart Metering infrastructures, we support energy companies in their transformation towards a new energy model.

Customer Analytics

We apply data analysis techniques to the data your company generates to identify consumption patterns, sensitivity of the demand in dynamic tariffs, identify and calculate energy losses, and display key indicators on data related to smart meters. All this information will allow your company to identify new business opportunities.

Energy Demand Analytics

From data originated in the new smart metering and/or smart grid infrastructure, and by applying various techniques of analysis and intelligence to data, your company will be able to foresee possible future unwanted situations and anticipate them.

Operating tools

Design and supply of data as a service, using tools to solve problems in daily operation processes and operations in the field of the deployed infrastructure.

Improvement of the electric vehicle experience

Improvement in the EV experience services and in the electric system operation of charging points. We offer data analytics and optimized routes services based on the state of close recharging points, driving experience services and system operator. These techniques allow developing sustainable mobility projects, as part of a smart grid or smart city.