About us

About us and what do we offer

We provide our experience in the implementation and development of business and creation of new models based on Internet Of Things and Data Analytics technologies.

Artia is a company with a new approach to ​​consulting services. We specialize in markets and segments with high potential growth.

Our expertise lie in experience gained from successfully developing new markets that require high levels of expertise and knowledge of technology.

We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in business development and management related to technology and innovation.

We demonstrate our entrepreneurial spirit through experiences by boosting business units and divisions. We have managed the development and promotion of new businesses, international expansion, and the creation and launch of Spin-Offs by incorporating new products and services that establish creating new business.

Our mission is to create new value propositions and to accompany organizations in their business development through processes of diversification, internationalization and transformation of enterprises and/or services that allow them to compete in global markets.