Technology Provider Energy Infrastructure

Iot/Data Analytics Business Development

The digital transformation process in which the energy sector is immersed, requires technology providers and system integrators companies to accompany utilities in their transformation model towards the digitalization of operation processes. Technology providers and system integrators want to differentiate themselves and continue to provide value to its customers; energy companies with internal and new specialized external capabilities to reduce Time To Market of transformation.

artia provided support in the search for new positioning as technology provider in the development of Internet of Things and data analysis related projects.

The development of this initiative has allowed the technology provider, a relevant multinational company, the creation of new projects and to gain new positioning in customers where they were not active.

artia has participated in the development of business consulting identifying transformation projects where IoT technologies and new data analysis techniques are key to enable new operation models for critical infrastructure, energy and telecommunications sector companies. The development of this project has resulted an increase in the revenues that come from the international business, and in a better positioning in energy companies in the national market.

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