Multinational Infraestructures Urban Service Provider

Digital transformation – Industry 4.0

Today private and public sectors demand new models to reduce operating and maintenance of infrastructure. The construction sector is evolving and developing new revenue models by providing urban services. artia collaborates on the definition of value added and the implementation of technologies that enable better operational processes and the improvement in the quality of the services through innovative practices.

We offer an innovative accompaniment, identifying the best technology practices available, defining proposals and accompanying companies in the preparation of tenders for urban services and smart infrastructure management as a differential value to achieve business goals.

The industrial group has achieved to position itself as a leading provider of innovative services and intelligent infrastructure thanks to artia and other leading companies’ intervention.

With the development of the project the company has managed to boost a change in the service delivery model and improvement of the service efficiency and quality to users by incorporating initiatives, emerging technologies and innovative solutions.

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